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Washable Fabric Wax Strips


Super absorbent, soft strips.

Suitable for use with all waxes; 24 strips per box.


A great strip wax is only as useful as its wax strips. Luckily, when it comes to Waxxxie, we put as much effort into providing only the best quality strips as we do into providing only the best quality wax. With superior grip and absorbency, Waxxxie Washable Fabric Strips will remove strip wax effectively and efficiently. This will result in a smooth, hair-free finish.

But the Waxxxie Washable Fabric Strips are beneficial in so many other ways. Not only are they suitable for use with all of our strip waxes, but they are also washable and reusable with our water-soluble waxes. With 24 strips included in the box, that is a lot of wax strips to last a long time. This is good both for your wallet and for the environment!

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Waxxxie’s Washable Fabric Strips are designed to work with the Waxxxie strip waxes. Apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth, then immediately place a cotton strip over the waxed areas leaving the sides free of wax, and rub firmly three to four times.

Finally, hold the skin taut with one hand and grip onto the edge of the wax strip with the other hand. Quickly pull back in the opposite direction of hair growth as close to the skin as possible for a smooth and silky finish.


Waxxxxie Washable Fabric Strips have the following benefits for your waxing treatment:

    • Washable and reusable with water-soluble waxes.
    • Suitable for the whole range of Waxxxie waxes.
    • Convenient and economical.
    • Great for the environment.
    • Simple and easy to use.
    • 24 reusable strips included in the box.